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Each episode, your hosts Jason & Donny talk to someone from our hometown of Kenosha and find out what makes them such a great Kenoshan!

Our goal with this podcast is to support the community and local business and remind everyone of all the great things our hometown of Kenosha has to offer.

Each episode will feature an exclusive Q&A with a local business owner, local historian, community activist or just a local celebrity.

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Episode 18: w/Laurel Paschke – In the Garden of Eden Ktown Connects

Parental advisory – adult explicit conversations From kid toys years ago while working at Toys R Us, to the adult toys at her own shop, In the Garden of Eden, we chat with Laurel Paschke about her “grown-up” shop. This one gets a bit racy as we have a little sex talk and find out how In the Garden of Eden can truly spice up your love life. You can probably hear your hosts Donny and Jason blush through your earbuds. In the Garden of Eden is located at 711 57th Street in Downtown Kenosha. Their hours this holiday season are Sunday Noon to 5pm – Tuesdays through Saturdays Noon to 8pm. Find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/inthegardenofedenwi This episode was recorded on October 19th, 2020 at Luigi’s Pizza Kitchen, 7531 39th Avenue. . Big thanks to our sponsors: Franks Diner, 508 58th Street. To and From Gift Shop, 5535 Sixth Avenue. Lucci’s Grandview 6929 39th Ave. Lulu Birds, 720 58th St. #shoplocal #supportlocal Drop us an email at ktownconnects@yahoo.com Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and at ktownconnects.com Please review, rate, share, whatever the cool kids do with podcast shows these day. Your hosts are Donny Stancato and Jason Hedman Theme music performed by Dropping Daisies, written by James “Red” McLeod.
  1. Episode 18: w/Laurel Paschke – In the Garden of Eden
  2. Episode 17: w/Varnell Patterson, Social Justice Activist
  3. w/Greg York – Rustic Road Brewing Co
  4. w/Kenosha Public Market
  5. w/The Lettering Machine – Tina, Carolyn, & Rosemary

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