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Each episode, your hosts Jason & Donny talk to someone from our hometown of Kenosha and find out what makes them such a great Kenoshan!

Our goal with this podcast is to support the community and local business and remind everyone of all the great things our hometown of Kenosha has to offer.

Each episode will feature an exclusive Q&A with a local business owner, local historian, community activist or just a local celebrity.

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w/Tom & Monica – LaMacchia Travel Ktown Connects

With the ability to book a flight in the palm of your hand, what does a 21st century world need with a travel agency? Tom and Monica Karnes of LaMacchia Travel deliver much more than just competitive prices and their charming personalities. We dig deep with Tom and Monica, about growing up in Kenosha, becoming third-generation owners of an iconic Kenosha business, and so much more. LaMacchia Travel is located at 618 55th Street in beautiful downtown Kenosha – 262-656-8300.For all your travel needs, visit their website HERE! Do you want even more from Tom??? Find his podcast Two Toms Talkin’ Travel on your favorite podcast player or click here!This episode was recorded at Luigi’s Pizza Kitchen, 7531 39th AvenueBig thanks to our sponsors:Wink Beauty Boutique, 10909 Sheridan RoadUnion Park Tavern, 4520 Eighth Ave. Bluehorn DigitalCarBox, 1750 22nd AveLucci’s Grandview 6929 39th Ave.Faded Barbershop for Men, 2227 63rd StCaptain Mike’s, 5118 Sixth Ave.Down Town R Saloon, 707 56th St Get your Ktown Connects merchandise thanks to The Lettering Machine, 725 50th St.Drop us an email at ktownconnects@yahoo.comFind us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and at ktownconnects.comTheme song performed by Dropping Daisies, written by James “Red” McLeod.Your hosts are Donny Stancato and Jason HedmanGet additional episodes early and ad-free, along with bonus material with this week’s guest and more great exclusive material by becoming a patreon supporter! Click here for more! 
  1. w/Tom & Monica – LaMacchia Travel
  2. w/Jill Zgorezelski
  3. w/Dr. Dale Destruction
  4. w/Marc Riutta-Handlebars and Bars
  5. w/Katy Wallner-Hot Mess Studios

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