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Each episode, your hosts Jason & Donny talk to someone from our hometown of Kenosha and find out what makes them such a great Kenoshan!

Our goal with this podcast is to support the community and local business and remind everyone of all the great things our hometown of Kenosha has to offer.

Each episode will feature an exclusive Q&A with a local business owner, local historian, community activist or just a local celebrity.

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w/Kevin Glowicki – Never Stop Media Ktown Connects

In the spirit of journalistic integrity, this episode is being posted completely raw and unedited, it contains adult language.On this special episode of Ktown Connects we sit down and talk with Kevin Glowicki of  Never Stop Media.  With his media company, Glowicki has been exploring a theory of a fourth shooting victim on the night of the Kyle Rittenhouse incident in Kenosha.  Never Stop Media has recently made the news after the Kenosha Police Department called his investigation “factually inaccurate and suggestive.”We know that our government as a whole is not known for a rich history of truth-telling, so we sat down with Kevin to hear him out and he raises some interesting questions as he seeks the to find the truth.We are not condoning nor condemning either Mr. Glowicki or the Kenosha Police Department, we are simply giving him a platform to provide the facts that he has gathered and listen to the questions he has.Visit the Never Stop Media website hereLike Never Stop Media on Facebook hereSubscribe to the Never Stop Media YouTube channel here.This episode was recorded on  April 19th, 2021 at Luigi’s Pizza Kitchen, 7531 39th Avenue. -Big thanks to our sponsors:Down Town R Saloon, 707 56th St Captain Mike’s, 5118 Sixth Ave.Lucci’s Grandview 6929 39th Ave.Union Park Tavern, 4520 Eighth Ave. Pine Blossom, 5925 Sixth Ave-A Coming Up Roses Cleaning & OrganizingWashed Out Hair ProductsGet your Ktown Connects merchandise thanks to The Lettering Machine, 725 50th St.Drop us an email at ktownconnects@yahoo.comFind us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and at ktownconnects.comTheme music performed by Dropping Daisies, written by James “Red” McLeod.Your hosts are Donny Stancato and Jason Hedman
  1. w/Kevin Glowicki – Never Stop Media
  2. w/Jim Spata & Amy Rivera – Valeo's Pizza
  3. w/Alder.Anthony Kennedy
  4. w/Joshua Ferguson
  5. w/Cheryl & Gary-The Pine Blossom

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