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The Ktown Connects Podcast celebrates KENOSHA, WISCONSIN – our hometown!
Since 2020, your hosts Donny Stancato and Jason Hedman have connected our listeners to over a hundred local Kenosha celebrities.

The Ktown Connects Podcast is dedicated to supporting the community and local businesses and reminding everyone of all the great things Kenosha has to offer. Enjoy fun and exciting Q&A’s with local business owners, historians, community activists, artists or other interesting fellow Kenoshans.

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w/Jason Rimkus-Kenosha Community Media Ktown Connects

For decades, he has been the master of Kenosha public access – beginning back with Jones Intercable, then to Warner cable, and Time Warner. Today he holds the title of Media Coordinator with Kenosha Community Media – a group which has kept our television sets (and now our website) LOCAL – with amazing programing like Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theater and live events like the upcoming parade on July 3rd. Kenosha Community Media operates out of the Kenosha Public Library Southwest Branch, 7979 39th Ave and still broadcasts over cable – now on Spectrum. Non-Spectrum users can watch the KCM channel on your ROKU device by downloading the free Kenosha Community Media channel, or just visit their website here to see what’s playing! If it’s at 5pm on Sundays or 11am on Wednesdays, you’ll hear the Ktown Connects Podcast, and you could hear Jason Rimkus’ episode – how weird would that be?  We had a great time talking to Jason about growing up in Kenosha and how he found his way into the media world. The full conversation with Jason was over 2 hours long and has been edited for your listening enjoyment – to hear the full episode unedited, become a patreon supporter at http://www.ktownconnects.com.  This episode was recorded on May 8th at Luigi’s Pizza Kitchen, 7531 39th Avenue Ktown Connects is brought to you by: ROAR – Be heard Lucci’s Grandview 6929 39th Ave Shannyn Franklin – ReMax Newport Elite Franks Diner, 508 58th St Aason Hunzinger of AHDidIt Union Park Tavern, 4520 Eighth Ave. Wink Beauty Boutique, 10909 Sheridan Rd Hydn Cheese Public Craft Brewing Company 628 58th St Get your Ktown Connects merchandise at The Lettering Machine, 725 50th St. Drop us an email at ktownconnects@yahoo.com Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and at ktownconnects.com Theme song performed by Dropping Daisies, written by James “Red” McLeod. Your hosts are Donny Stancato and Jason Hedman 
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  5. w/Chef Mary Radigan

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