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The Ktown Connects Podcast celebrates KENOSHA, WISCONSIN – our hometown!
Each week, your hosts Jason & Donny talk to someone from Kenosha and find out what makes them such a great Kenoshan!

The Ktown Connects Podcast is dedicated to support the community and local businesses and to remind everyone of all the great things Kenosha has to offer.

Enjoy in-depth Q&A’s with local business owners, historians, community activist, artist or other interesting fellow Kenoshans.


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w/Laura Cox – Acupuncture & Wellness of Wisconsin Ktown Connects

Laura Cox is a practitioner of natural functional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine at Acupuncture and Wellness of Wisconsin. If you are suffering from chronic pain, contact Laura for a consultation and see what she can do for you!Visit her website here for more info!And check out her podcast, The Health of the People, available here and on which ever podcast provider you found this episode of Ktown Connects!This episode was recorded on Monday, June 20th at Luigi’s Pizza Kitchen, 7531 39th AvenueBig thanks to our sponsors:Acupuncture and Wellness of Wisconsin, 3917 47th AveDownTown R Saloon, 707 56th St LaMacchia Travel, 618 57th StUnion Park Tavern, 4520 Eighth Ave. CarBox, 1750 22nd AveFaded Barbershop for Men, 2227 63rd StLucci’s Grandview 6929 39th Ave.Franks Diner, 508 58th Street. Wink Beauty Boutique, 10909 Sheridan RoadSpecialty Nacho QueenGerb’s Gift Shop, 3012 Roosevelt RdNext Home Refined, 7850 Green Bay RoadGet your Ktown Connects merchandise thanks to The Lettering Machine, 725 50th St.Drop us an email at ktownconnects@yahoo.comFind us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and at ktownconnects.comTheme song performed by Dropping Daisies, written by James “Red” McLeod.Your hosts are Donny Stancato and Jason HedmanGet additional episodes early and ad-free, along with bonus material with this week’s guest and more great exclusive material by becoming a patreon supporter! Click here for more!
  1. w/Laura Cox – Acupuncture & Wellness of Wisconsin
  2. w/Nick & Kaila – Kenosha Opera Festival
  3. w/Tim & Amber Wade-Hydn Cheese
  4. w/Alvin Owens-Regimen Barber Collective
  5. w/Mark Gerber

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